There’s a reason King County, Washington is such a popular place to build a lifestyle. King County has everything to offer including award-winning schools, exciting entertainment options and outdoor recreation, a rich history steeped in art and culture, awe-inspiring views, a throbbing economy, and a beautiful all-around peaceful vibe that makes you want to settle in and stay awhile. Not only is King County the most populous county in the state of Washington, but it’s also the fourteenth most populous county in the nation.

King County, Washington expands across 2,126 square miles of land and gulps down an additional 180.5 square miles of water. Well over two million residents are calling King County their home, two-thirds of which reside in the county’s largest city (and county seat), Seattle, and its suburbs and bedroom communities. Residents enjoy median annual household incomes of around $81,916, comfortably above the state’s average of $64,129. The state of Washington has average home values of around $284,000, but King County’s home values stretch into the $400,000s and beyond and include an array of impressive architectural styles.

Seventeen school districts combine to provide high-quality education to students in 35 cities, four towns, 26 census-designated places, and 15 unincorporated areas, many of whom graduate and continue to higher learning in one of the many colleges and universities in King County and surrounding areas.

King County receives, on average, 42 inches of rain per year and five inches of snow over the course of around 94 days each year with measurable precipitation. There are 153 days annually when the sun shines across King County, generating average summer high temperatures of around 75 degrees and winter lows around 35 degrees, barely above freezing.

Getting around town is also simple thanks to the King County Metro Transit.

King County is chock full of things to do do. There’s an endless array of dining options, shops, spas, galleries, museums, game centers, golf courses, and more. The county is rated among the 100 highest-income counties in the United States, and is in a stunning setting of pristine waters, snow-capped mountains, and woodlands just waiting to be explored.

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