There are certain elements of real estate transactions that you cannot control. When you’re preparing to sell your house, your most pressing priority is to understand what is within your ability, your scope of understanding, and what elements should be entrusted to a qualified, professional real estate agent. But more, how do you know which agent will serve as the best partner in the venture of selling your house?

What a Good Real Estate Agent Might Do

Understanding the role of a seller’s agent in real estate will help you identify a skilled agent to help you sell your house. How can you determine which agent is best if you don’t know what the best agents do?

Your agent will begin by helping you set a competitive list price for your house. The price you determine is based on the fair market value in your area as outlined your CMA or comprehensive market analysis. You will also discuss ways you can prepare or stage the home for showings that can increase perceived value, spawning higher offers.

With the best price in place and staging underway, your agent will set to work activating the marketing plan upon which you’ve previously agreed. This marketing may include posting the property to the MLS, scheduling open houses or private showings, social network marketing, professional photographs and virtual tours, emailing a database of clients with matching criteria, and other methods of attracting viewers to your property.

As offers come in on your house for sale, your seller’s agent will receive and review those offers with you, and will then help you with counter offers and negotiations.

With the offer accepted, your real estate representative will guide you through the steps of surveys, inspections, appraisals, and other processes required to complete the transaction on closing day. Meanwhile, your agent will oversee the timeline and service providers to make sure the sale stays on course.

How to Find Agents to Interview

Asking your friends, loved ones, associates, neighbors, co-workers, and other acquaintances who they value in real estate could be a great place to start your journey. Take note of each agent recommended. Next, turn your search to social and ask for recommendations on social network platforms. Make particular note of providers mentioned twice. Continue the hunt in search engine queries – Google displays results by location as well as by ratings.

When you’ve comprised a basic list customized by your neighborhood, your type of house, and recommendations from social influences, you can begin to widdle that list down by searching reviews and ratings. Find out what others are saying.

Research the agents’ certifications, qualifications, and references. If you get a “bad vibe” from researching any of those agents, trust your gut and move that agent off of your list of contenders.

When you’ve got the list narrowed down to just two or three agents you feel are qualified and have good energy, schedule an interview with each as your final step in making your selection.

What to Ask Seller’s Agents

You may find the word “interview” to be an odd choice when looking for real estate agents, but it fits. You have to find the most qualified representative with the best fit for your needs. And there are certain questions that can help you narrow that list down.

Ask the agents: “Of the last three houses you sold, what was the original list price, the final sales price, the number of times the price was reduced, and how long each house stayed on the market.” This information can be enlightening regarding the agent’s recommended list price for your home, and your expectations of what that agent can deliver.

Next, ask about suggested sales price for your house, and about the agent’s commission. What you’re looking for is the highest suggested sales price and the lowest commission rate – not as ways to spot the right agent, but as a way to eliminate agents who may not be the best fit.

Then, inquire about communication methods and expectations. Will you be talking by phone, email, text message, or meeting in person? How often should you expect to communicate, and what is a reasonable response time to messages from both sides?

Finally, trust your gut. Choose the real estate representative with whom you feel most comfortable and the most confident in getting the task done.

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