Selling Your Home? 4 Ways To Get Your Garage ReadyThe garage is often the last thing on seller’s minds when it comes to home staging. It is prudent to make sure your kitchen and bathrooms are perfect for showings. Just make sure that you don’t neglect your garage when getting your home ready to sell.

A good-looking garage can be a great selling point. But has it become a greasy, junk-filled space that you’d don’t like to visit? If so, then buyers won’t want to see it either. Fortunately, it is easy to get it in top shape before your showings. Up the appeal of your garage with these easy tricks.


Get Rid Clutter

The first step  is to remove all of the clutter. It often becomes a storage place for random things. So, purge everything that you don’t need. Getting rid of junk can help make moving more comfortable, as well. Divide your stuff into piles: trash, donate and keep. Get rid of all garbage.  Recycle broken items. You can give things that you don’t need anymore to Goodwill or another charity.



Buyers love organized homes, and this goes for the garage too. Organizing your garage can also help make your move easier too. Install a pegboard on your wall. Pegboards are inexpensive, and they can make a garage look neat and clean. You can use ceiling space to hang items, as well. Ceiling-mounted racks are easy to install and not too pricey. Buyers will appreciate the extra storage space as well.


Paint the Floor

Is your floor stained with rust or oil? A dirty floor can turn buyers off. You can brighten up your garage and make the concrete look brand new with a couple of coats of epoxy floor paint. It isn’t very costly or time-consuming to refinish your garage floor. This is a project that most people can do in a spare weekend.


Add Light

Most garages don’t have windows. As a result, they tend to be dark and dreary. The first step in adding light to your garage is to replace any light bulbs that aren’t working. If it still looks dark, consider installing additional lighting.

You can replace your standard bulb with a multi-directional LED fixture if you only have one lighting fixture. These are kind of pricey but they don’t require expensive rewiring. They simply screw into your existing socket and offer about four times more lighting compared to a traditional 60-watt bulb.


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